2011 Festival

Full Productions

Winter At Home or 22 Years of Mourning (Trevor Wong)

Director- Sarah Hall // Cast- Ben Rowley, Gili Roskies, Philippe Inacio-Goetsch

The last person you can trust is family.

lower case love in a two man tent (Clare Middleton)

Director- Dianne Cronmiller // Cast- Cali Boyle, Bryan McHale, Simon Mizera

Want to know if you can live with someone for the rest of your life?  Go camping with them.  In the quiet of a dark tent some things become bright as day.

Under The Light of the Moon (Emily Griffiths)

Director- Susan Hogan // Eddie Van Wyk, Robyn Thomas

Somewhere there is a girl, lost in a beautiful dream

Genesis (Adrian St. Louis)

Director- Wade Kinley // Cast- Lesli Brownlee, Shane Michael Leydon

With everything else gone two people learn what it is like to start at the beginning; that to relate is to be human.

Love Lessons (Emily Urness)

Director- David Quigg / Cast- Simon Mizera, Luke Day, Teresa Laverty

A father and son join a dating site and are both surprised by the love they find.

Palms Up (Stephanie Chou)

Director- Wade Kinley // Cast- Ashley Hunking

A woman rehearses death in the desert.

Big News (Simon Marmorek)

Director- Genevieve Bolduc // Cast- David Campbell, Andrew Lynch

“Most of the time I don’t have much fun. The rest of the time I don’t have any fun at all.”  – Woody Allen

Channel Surfing – S01E01 – Pilot Episode (Nathanael Vass)

Director- Suzanna Lonsdale // Cast- Phillippe Inacio-Goetsch, Veenu Sandhu, Evelyn Chew

A surreal comedy laden with pop-culture references that explores our relationships with media.

Acestor (Anna Maxymiw)

Director- Daniel Siracusa // Cast- Mihaly Szabados, Morgan Meredith, Daniel O’Shea

What happens when you make a god an out-patient?

Dylan’s Day (Erin Flegg)

Director- Michelle Turner // Cast- Isaac Li, Emma Lindsay, Britt MacLeod, Davey Calderon, Micah Field, Emily Davidson

After trying to end his own life, a twelve-year-old boy must brave classmates and clueless teachers to survive his first day back at school.

Turtle’s Island (Brenda Prince)

Director- Justina Vanovcan // Cast- Eddy Van Wyk, Carrie Osborne, Matthew Shaw, Colin Van Loon, Jessica Nelson

The beautiful world we live on was started by someone…somewhere…sometime…

Something Immaterial (Afron Schindel)

Director- SarahLynne MacKay // Cast- Hannah Dubois, Whitney Staples

A Brief History of the Mascot Support Group (Jill Margo)

Director- Suzanna Lonsdale // Cast- Evelyn Chew, Rob Landers

A romantic sex comedy in full mascot drag

Staged Readings

Fortinbras (Wren Handman)

Director- Brian Cochrane

We all know the story of Hamlet, and his struggle to act in the face of his father’s overwhelming revelation; but within this famous story lurks another, untold: that of Prince Fortinbras of Norway. Find out why Fortinbras would travel through Denmark on his way to Poland, a geographically unnecessary journey. Follow him on his story of family pride, haunting ghosts, and the heights that sons will go to please their fathers – even if those fathers are dead and gone.

Black Box (Wade Kinley)

Director- Courtenay Dobbie

black box: –noun 1. a device, system or object which can be viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics without any knowledge of its internal workings, its implementation is black.

Two men meet in a room. One man has an appointment, the other, an agenda. There’s only one way out of this.