2013 Festival

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the last laugh

Staged Readings

After I Heard (Reece Cochrane)

After he gets the news of a friend’s death, and without easy access to his usual confidant, his mother, Michael fails to leave his house and seeks solace in a mysterious ally.

Class of 93 (Kelsey Savage)

Class of ’93 is the story of three women, Brontë, Sylvia and Tamil, who find themselves reflecting on their life paths and choices at their twentieth high school reunion.

Hold Her Hand (Gorrman Lee)

Bruce, a grieving slut, is on a first date with Elizabeth, and it’s not going well. It gets worse when he bumps into a disgruntled former conquest, and is forced into an inner dialogue with himself to face the impact of his mother’s death on his love life — or else never make a real emotional connection with a woman again. A heartfelt comedy.

Honeymoon Phase (Ginny Monaco)

A comedy about sisters, and the men who love them.

Pigeons (Thom Peters)

A tale exploring the unconscious relationship between two con men, a lawyer and a cab driver all bumping into one another one night when they might never expect it.

The Plan (Miles Steyn)

After rent control laws change, a landlord’s scheming wife and her scumbag partner devise a plan to make some quick cash. But when things don’t go according to their plan, two stoner roommates’ lives become their target.