2014 Festival

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an-thro-poph-a-gy (Sarah higgins)

Director- Jessica Borthwick // Cast- Britt MacLeod, Angie Lopez

This is the story of two women on a dinner date. Appetites run high, secrets are revealed and lives are changed…and all before dessert.

As thick as thieves (Wendy chan)

Director- Keenan Johnston // Cast- Lindsay Nelson. Simon MacIntyre

Mel and Irwin used to be the dynamic duo. From home to home, their only constants were petty pranks and each other. But it’s been two years since Mel left, and Irwin has readjusted to life in the foster care system without his sister and partner-in-crime. Now, Mel is back – and she needs one final favour.

carl williams (Bryce Doersam)

Director- John Dickinson // Cast- Javier Sotres, Giselle Miller, Britt MacLeod

Chris and Valery listen eagerly to the news for more details on the global epidemic spreading outside. What they do know: there is no cure. What they don’t know: what it is or how it spreads or who broke up with whom or how Chris really feels about the Beach Boys.

diana, huntress (Clara Kumagai)

Director- Cathy Tagnak Rexford // Cast- Angie Lopez, Giselle Miller, Daniel Meron, Zach Wolfman, Kenny Wong, Javier Sotres

In Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city just south of the US border, the murders of 370 women have never been solved. On August 31st 2013, this email was sent to a local news website: 
You think because we are women we are weak, and maybe we are…But only to a certain point…. We can no longer remain quiet over these acts that fill us with rage… I am an instrument who will take vengeance… The women of Juarez are strong.

Drifting (Christopher evans)

Director- Jamie King // Cast- Simon MacIntyre, Taylor Scott

Fearing the end of his marriage to Veronica, Robert tries to make good on a long-standing promise to take her to sea. As the two of them drift helplessly in the Strait of Georgia, with only one oar and nothing to eat, they are forced to evaluate the real reason that they’re sinking and question if they can keep their relationship afloat.

Him & her (Keyanna Burgher)

Director- Jenna Newton // Cast- Jeremy O’Driscoll, Shandel Riedlinger

Sometimes love is not a box of delicious, pre-packaged chocolate chip cookies.

In the movies (Aaron Chan)

Director- Jamie King // Cast- MinSoo Jeong, Kenny Wong

David is your average gay, Chinese guy with an average job and a slightly more than average husband. So it’s a little surprising when his first boyfriend, Sam, shows up at his doorstep, sixteen years after they last saw each other. Now married to a woman and unsatisfied with his life, Sam hopes to take David up on an offer he made all those years ago. It’s the stuff of movies, but as David and Sam find out, reality isn’t always as neat and tidy as a Hollywood romance film.

In- Tents Anniversary (Rachel Jansen)

Director- Veronique West // Cast- Taylor Scott, Daniel Meron

A night camping in the woods for their one year anniversary forces Mark and Erica to come face-to-face with some pretty terrifying creatures: each other.

Bottlefish (Tomas Gustafson)

Cast- Nick Rinke, Megan Verhey, Michelle T. Baynton, Zach Wolfman

On their summer break from college, school-age friends Howard, Caroline, Jack, and Nancy make a detour during a night of partying. The scene is familiar, but each one has changed in their time away from their small town. None of them want to keep swimming the same circles, and the bottle provides the perfect excuse for bold action.

Little light (Sarah Ens)

Director- Jenna Newton // Cast- Britt MacLeod, Anais West

The timeless tale of Peter Pan is finally coming together in full community theatre glory for Wanda—the lighting guy is prepped, the sets are at least half-painted, and even sulky April is warming up to the idea of being a spritely Peter. That is, until life goes off the rails and Wanda goes off the script, tossing Tinkerbell aside in the process. But if Tinkerbell’s light goes out, what do we have left to clap for?

travel weight (Monika davies)

Director- Ndola Hutton // Cast- Angie Lopez

Arabelle is calling home. It’s been three months since she began wandering through Europe, and she has now landed in Brasov, Romania—“probably the best city in the world.” When her sister picks up the phone, Arabelle begins slowly unraveling the events of the previous evening, starting with the hair gel salesman she met on a night train. A play about meeting and missing.

What’s new? (Justin Neal)

Director- Daniel Tessy // Cast- Jeremy O’Driscoll, Zach Wolfman, Anais West, Javier Sotres

This subtextual journey travels through the minds and repetitive rituals of two weathered-beyond-their-years drinking buddies, whose dependence on each other for companionship and camaraderie is both fraught and cherished. And when their devotion to one another is tested, they can always count on their savior, their beloved and equally despised barmaid.

Staged Readings

Criminal (Amy Midanik-Blum)

The walls of a home hold a thousand memories, but has Alicia gone too far? It’s the middle of the night and the residents of 955 Shattuck Avenue are fast asleep when a young girl sees an opportunity in the form of an open window. 

Homecoming (Kamila Sediego)

After a thirty-three year absence, a woman comes home to the Philippines for her mother’s funeral and is forced to face the sister she left behind.

The Good Guys (Nadine Clark)

When tragedy struck the Boston Marathon in 2013, both the police and the Internet were determined to find out who was responsible – but only one of them got it right.

A Guy with a Gun (Michael Stepa)

Inspired by the tragic stories of lives lost to senseless gun violence in the United States, A Guy With A Gun explores a few small moments of time between a couple before one such event suddenly intrudes upon their lives.

SPLAT (Haley Whishaw)

Ben’s plan was simple: find a bridge, leave a last message, hop the rail, and free fall. The girl climbing the railing ahead of him makes things slightly more complicated.

Ranking the 90s (M. A. Bowden)

I think Stan’s going to hell then, not Eminem though, he made top 10 last week. Why would they put him in top ten if he’s going to hell?

As Long As He Needs Me (Deborah Vogt)

Loosely inspired by the character of Nancy from the musical Oliver!, As Long As He Needs Me is about two prostitutes whose lives have always been dictated by the desires and demands of men. When they finally decide they want to form an identity outside of male constrictions, they find their plans momentarily halted by an unexpected guest who forces them to question whether or not they can ever abandon the roles they were meant to play.

BookMarkers (Annahis Basmadjian)

When Lily, a young librarian and unofficial writer, discovers the Book of Adventure one late working night, she can’t help but give it a read. But, just one page along, she unleashes from within, the book’s dastardly villain and the triumphant hero, though, they can’t seem to remember who is who, and the plot won’t let them back in until they set the record straight. The Book world can’t survive without its hero and villain for long, time is ticking, and it’s up to Lily to save the day, for what sort of writer would she be to let a story fade away?