Full Productions

bait (Alyssa hirose)

Director- Barbara Ellison // Starrting- Ed Fong, Callum Gunn

A touching comedy in which a grumpy Japanese-Canadian fisherman unknowingly meets his closeted son’s boyfriend for the first time. Misidentification and miscommunication lead to a morning of confusion, discomfort, and unlikely connection.

onward & up! (Emily peck)

Director- Sarah Rose // Starring- Megs Calleja, Matt Giammarino, Barbara Choi

A musical comedy that follows Allison and Nick’s bland dinner date as they simultaneously wish the other person would end their relationship.

The hoarder (olivia etey)

Director- Matthew Sproat // Starring- Zack Currie

A surrealist monologue about a man who reveals the mysterious truth of what he’s keeping in his boxes. Now, his unsuspecting guest must face the irreversible consequences of knowing the dark obsessions of an absurd mind.

pizza night (kyle Schoenfield)

Director- Brennan Campbell // Starring- Peter Gatsby, Jessica Hood, Kyle Kokoska

A comedy about a woman who wants to spend a peaceful night in with her partner, but their plans are ruined by an acquaintance who claims they’re about to cause the end of the world as we know it.

Audition (nathan smith)

Director- Caitlin Fysh // Starring- Brian Lui, Carly Pokoradi

a comedy/drama about a young man with relationship woes who crosses paths with an aspiring actress who can’t get her act together. Their encounter will force them to confront their problems head on, and perhaps gain some understanding of what lies ahead.

thump thump (Liesel lafferty)

Director- Dawn Milman // Cast- Joelly Segal, Yumi Ogawa, Andrew Wade

An absurd comedy about Maribel, a young woman who wants to find her former best friend and demand an apology. The only problem is… she is in complete denial of that fact that they both just jumped off the top of a really tall building.

Dead money (Hope Thompson)

Director- Jordan Patterson // Cast- Jesse Miller, Lucy Rex, Nathan Witte

INT. HOTEL ROOM – NEW YORK CITY – 1949 – NIGHT. What happens when you mix together dreams, desire and a whole lot of cold, hard cash…

Stuck in transit (Hallie ann Jacobson)

Director- Gavan Cheema // Cast- Mariam Barry, Kristy Fielding

A play about two young women who meet at a bus stop, where they struggle to accept the events that brought them there.

Medium (Karla Comanda)

Director- Dale MacDonald // Cast- Danisa Rambing, Javier Sotres, Nicola Whitney- Griffiths

A comedy about Anna, a teenager who wishes to speak to her dead grandfather. Helping her out is Grace, a novice medium who connects her with John, another man who has the same name as Anna’s grandfather.

decisions Decisions (Shawn blore)

Director- Sydney Hayduck // Cast- Jess Gonek, Andrew Wade

A comedy about a man with a likely terminal illness who goes to a medical ethicist for counselling but receives very different advice from what he expected. Science is discussed, decisions are taken, chaos ensues.

Staged Readings

CLosing (Ella Adkins)

A dramedy about Sarah, a peppy, pony-tail barista and Michael, a turtleneck, Foucault reading, intellect. Two strangers, who owe each other nothing.

Dystopian Man (Max D’AmBrosio)

A science fiction drama about Doug, a man who believes he’s the sole survivor in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, the last real human being in a world dominated by soulless cyborgs. Doug faces a choice that puts his convictions to the test, and realizes that the real war he must fight is within his own conscience.

HorsePlay (DOuglas Schmidt)

A comedy about a wannabe hipster looking for love at a speed dating event where he meets a handsome and drunk A-gay jock. The two men scuffle over their values, goals, and the truth about each other.

Occupational Hazard (Adam tatelman)

A dramedy about an ex-porn star who wants to turn his life around and earn a medical degree, but is reminded of his mistakes at every turn by his prying roommate. Their feud incites revelations, and perhaps clemency.

Cake (Avash islam)

A drama about a young couple, Felipe and Shweta, who must re-examine their relationships and their lives in the wake of a devastating car accident.

farming with satanism (isabella laird)

A comedy about Roy, Cheryl, and Jaime who want to rise in social standing in their community after the apocalypse, but their petty differences, low social standing, and inability to farm cause them to turn to desperate measures.

FLowers (Samara goldglass)

A comedy about a young bartender, who is falling for a regular, and her sister, who thinks her husband is cheating on her and plans to take some Tinder revenge.

lightdrop (ashley park)

A post-modern absurdist drama about Fallen, a person who finds themselves lost in an unknown world. Isolated and fearful, Fallen seeks companionship – and discovers it in Gary, a beam of randomly moving light. Can a person and a beam of light make sense of the weird universe they are both stuck in? More importantly, can they be friends?

MCDADDY (blake morrow)

A dramatic monologue about a young, videogaming Edmonton Oilers fan revealing to an online opponent his hidden feelings for a friend, but that now finds himself stuck living with the girl he knocked up.

The paris memoirs (samuel chapman)

A comedy about Henry, an expatriate writer in 1920s Paris, who wants to publish a book about his encounters with prominent modernist authors and artists but can’t, because, as his friend Barnes points out, he’s never met any prominent modernist authors or artists. That is, until Hemingway walks through the café door.

pending (derrick gravener)

A dark comedy that follows broke YouTuber Clayton, who’s trying to make it big, while also trying to fix things with boyfriend Terrance following an incident of infidelity the night Trump is elected.

W(h)ine! (Heather Farrell)

A dramatic comedy about an anxious young woman who confesses to her busy, soon to be married best friend that she has recently stolen a Book of Mormon from a missionary on public transit-all while drinking copious amounts of wine!