2018 Festival

Full Productions

Witch in the woods (lane matravers)

Director- Shelby Bushell // Cast- Tessa Trach, Katlin Wright, Haris Amiri, Bill McNaughton, Jade Shaw

After being expelled by the local magic academy, Jade is cursed to be a wishing witch: she must grant 1000 wishes within 100 days or lose her powers forever.

gridlock (laura harris)

Director- Allyson Fournier // Cast- Kenneth Tynan, Mike Doaga

Billie wants to move to Penticton to live on a sustainable farm, but can’t because their partner Joe wants to stay in Vancouver.

the fall (celeste rey)

Director- Britt MacLeod // Cast- Kimberly Envik, Ed Fong

A woman visits the grave of her abusive ex to tell him about their daughter and leaves him a gift.

space date (aryn davidson)

Director- Emily Peck // Cast- Kenneth Tynan, Kate Ely

In a world where extra-terrestrials have started visiting the earth, a rebounding young woman goes on a date with a green alien.

Escape from the theatre of the absurd (tommy Partl)

Director- Jenny Larson // Cast- Karin Atkinson, Jadyn Kinzell, Sam Muik, Ed Fong

Rosey and Gilda hate their jobs, until Freddy Nietzsche comes along with a brand new product: Nihilism!

moxy (andrey Summers)

Director- Fiona Revill // Cast- Cindy Pervan, Kaylah Zander, Martina Biljan

Grace Tan must solve a PR crisis at the Martian Oxygen Corporation, but finds it difficult to work with Alice Breckenridge – the combative CEO.

Saturday’s for the boys (Rachael mcdaniel)

Director- Madelaine Walker // Cast- Karthik Kadam, Liam Fazackerley, Ryan Jinn, Claire Temple

A group of hockey-loving internet friends meet for the first time to see their team in the Stanley Cup Final. All hell breaks loose when one of the group members is not who the others thought they were.

Graves in plain sight (issie patterson)

Director- Sidney Klips // Cast- Jessica McLeung, Alina Blackett

A depressed, homesick student living abroad wants to reconnect with a close hometown friend in order to feel more grounded, despite knowing this friend lacks empathy.

submerged (nicola Wanless)

Director- Daniel Tessy // Cast- Carolyn Woolner, Jessica Quartel

After finding herself stranded at sea Elyse, a fisherman, finds an unlikely companion in a Siren.

the blank page (Nico Mceown)

Director- Nathan Smith // Cast- Sara Bynoe, Bill McNaughton

Todd, a 60’s comic book superhero, and his fierce housewife, Jane, are in desperate pursuit to escape the blank page after their long-time comic has been cancelled!

Staged Readings

Director- frank zotter

featuring- aline blackett, colin brussiere, sofia farahani, sam krochmal, deanna smith

Not the marrying kind (Jen Van Tassel)

The night that the King of the Mutant Sewer Alligators invades her bedroom, Amy must decide whether to take him up on his offer to be his Queen, or cling to the fulfilling normal life she’s so carefully constructed

runner (Seema Amin)

Green and Black are locked in absurd combat, or dialectics. They are caught up in a café attack in Dhaka where a mysterious Runner is seen passing through. Jacques, a foreign journalist, is summoned to cover the attack. He observes unknown men being arrested. Lana, his Bengali wife, works at an art office whose future has become precarious and follows him to the café where they discuss her reasons for leaving Canada. A year later, in the art office, she is seen hearing what is happening at a distance. She returns to the cafe a year later to find Green and Black seemingly arguing over the fate of a baby.

twelve minutes (Loghan paylor)

Romance is awkward, but it’s even more complicated in this dark comedy about two geeks on a blind date. Jamie thinks she’s found the perfect match, while Charlie has a sinking feeling she’s been here before.

On the rocks (aidan parker)

Mary-Anne, a self obsessed urbanite, returns from a business trip wanting nothing more than to delve into the deep issues plaguing her relationship with her maladroit boyfriend Eli, who is a bit distracted by the task of trying to hide her dead dog from her.

crossroads (Peter Takach)

An air band wants to win the Battle of the Bands, but must decide if they should make a deal with the Devil to do so.

The mermaid (Nayoung Jin)

A woman in her late 50s is living happily as if she’s a mermaid, alone in her house, after her retirement. Now, her daughter comes to see her, then attempts to make her “normal,” whatever that means.

Broken glasses, broken brain (tze liew)

When 15-year-old Meimei breaks her glasses in the washing machine by accident, her lenses transform into a devil and an angel, who are personifications of the OCD elements Obsession and Compulsion. A chaotic morning ensues.

Director- liesl lafferty

featuring- elspeth futcher, jonathan yeh lim how, elana mabrito, chelsey stuyt

fountain heads (molly cross- blanchard)

Peter wants to mourn his father by visiting a fountain they frequented in his youth, but can't because Maggie and Polly, two passing strangers, prove to be troublesome distractions.

12 steps (sierra wilson- furr)

Longtime enemies come together for a healing lunch, but to whose benefit?

other men (patrick de moss)

Ian wants to take part in a threesome, but can’t because of the other man, Kurtis, and his own inability to “be open-minded.”

wetland (eleanor panno)

After her mother sells the property to a neighbour in the wake of a family tragedy, a young woman must confront the haunting presence of a nearby bog.

santa and lance (zorn rose)

A proctologist wants to treat his convict father's fistula, but can't because of an escape attempt planned between his father and a mall Santa.

rebound (emily peck)

Sam looks back on her high school basketball career, but how much is she willing to sacrifice in the name of success?