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March 12- 17, 2019

Studio 1398, Granville Island

OUR 2019 Featured Plays

The Real Estate Agent (Margaret Doyle)

Wrestling with Death (Cathy Hull)

Table for Two (Patrick de Moss)

Breather (Kit McKeown)

Crunchy: A Short Play (Rose Paine)

Til Death (Aidan Parker)

Love From, Cupid (Shyamala Parthasarathy) 

Does it Make a Sound? (Francois Peloquin)

Get Samantha (Kavelina Torres)

Pub-Conscious (Caitlin Young)


Waiting for Beckett (Alyssa Hirose)

Love and Loss in 2008 (Emily Weldon)

Love, Sex and Side Effects (Arianne Robbins)

Paradise (Tobin Stokes)

The Trial (Rachael McDaniel)

The Tooth of the Matter (Jordan Ewart)

Darkness (Aryn Davidson)

Messenger (Elizabeth Carroll Hayden)

Nomads (David Lewis)

One Second (Faith E. Nolan)

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